A Community Sanitation Services, Inc.'s  goal is serving the communities septic needs
with professionalism and personal service.
Joe has been providing customer service
to the community for over 25 years. 
We send post card reminders to all of our customers every 2 years,
taking the worry off of how long it has been since your tank had been pumped.
We Will Remember For You!
Maintenance & Warnings:  We recommend pumping your system every two years to avoid back up and damage.  Be aware of
garbage disposals, food particles and keeping grease out of the system; grease will clog or damage a septic system, pipes and 
or leach field.  We recommend spacing out your laundry; laundry soap can harden and prevent proper flow of the system, liquid
soap is less harmful than powder; powder will create a clay build up in the system.  Use the trash for such things as feminine
products and latex.  Do not let hair or small food particles such as rice go into your septic system, if you have a filter, these small particles will clog the filter and create a backup. We do not reccomend flushing wipes, they do Not break down in the system.
Watch what your children bring into the bathroom, flushed toys can cause back up and system failure. 
Garbage disposal users, large families, or added usage should be pumped yearly.  
Painters, Mechanics and similar professions: Cleaning paint brushes, tools, grease and oils on hands, clothes & rags regularly
should consider pumping twice a year.
Know where your tank and cover are located.  Do not plant trees or bushes over your pipes or tank, do not build decks, ramps,
patios, sheds or driveways over your tank, cover, or leach field.  Do not park or drive on any area of your system.
Knowing the location of a septic system before placing add ons to your home will save you time and money.  If you do not know
where your tank and cover are located, the board of health will be able to provide you with the plans.
Watch for water bubbling in sinks, toilets or unexplained odor in the house or yard, these are signs
that the system is clogged or full and could back up into your home, please call us immediately!
We have additional services based on customers needs
 Free Estimates for more detailed service
Care and Maintenance Brochures Available